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There will always be point in time when a student or faculty member can damage their electronic device like a smartphone, laptop and/or mobile device. As a student, it is very important to be able to repair a damaged device than to replace it all together. In the unfortunate event that a repair is needed there are two options: fix it yourself or have someone else fix it for you either covered by a warranty or paid out of pocket, preferably a professional.

If you fix it yourself you have a large number of resources available online in the form of video and downloadable and printable step by step tutorials. It is also very important to understand that this is not recommended if there is still active warranty on device. Doing self-repairs on a device will void any existing warranty on the device. After doing a good amount of research it is important to get the correct tools and parts that are needed to complete the repair. You can use sites like Amazon and EBay for parts and tools for the best price. Ordering parts online require a good amount of research before purchasing. Before completing the purchase, confirm the part numbers, packaging and reviews online related to the product. If possible, do price a few comparisons to see if there are other stores that offer the parts for a cheaper price or free shipping.

Allowing someone else to fix the damaged laptop, Ultrabook or mobile device is recommended. Taking the device to an expert will have the correct tools and will most likely be familiar with the damage and complete the repair quickly. Some companies like Apple will allow you to take your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad/Pod to the Apple store for immediate repair or replacement. This is usually completed as long as the phone is covered over warranty or within a service contract.