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Make Travel arrangements for the business trip from Milwaukee to Berlin, Germany During COVID-19 

Planning a trip anywhere has many steps in it. During the COVID-19 pandemic, only makes traveling longer and more challenging. The most common way for someone to travel to Berlin from Milwaukee would be by air. Traveling through the air is also the most common form of travel for business expeditions. 


Research Travel Requirements 

Things like COVID-19 are sure to play a role in your trip, so we will make sure to investigate some of those requirements. 

-According to CNBC the TSA has extended a federal requirement through January 18th for travelers to wear masks on flights, buses, and trains. Meaning you should be prepared to wear a mask while on the plane to Germany and back. 

-It also appears that in US airports masks are required so you may want to bring a few masks for your trip. 

-According to USAToday US citizens can enter Germany as of June 20th. So, entry is allowed as we are no longer in June. 

-In Germany masks are required on public transport, in stores, and in populated outdoor spots. 

-Practicing keeping at least 6 feet away from others when applicable is recommended 

-Entering Germany via plane will mean providing a negative PCR test or some proof of vaccination 

-Lastly, do not be too worried about the laws as they are similar to the US. 


Establishing a Budget 

Cost is a huge factor in many things and traveling is no exception. Having an idea of how much you may spend may be needed by the company and will help you be more prepared. 

Somethings you may want to plan to budget include: 

-Meals (≈50 a day) 

-Flights and Transportation (Transportation ≈$20 a day) (Flights range from $650-$1000 if not much more for roundtrip) 

-Hospitality (≈$120 a day for a hotel) 

-Leisure (≈$25 a day depends on what you do and where you go) 

-Other (≈$20 a day it’s good to have extra money for any surprise expenses) 

These amenities and activities should cover your whole trip and planning them will help to give the most realistic idea of how spending will work while on your trip. 

Planning to spend $235 a day while in Berlin is a good idea, it’s better to over-prepare than under prepare with money. For a week’s trip including a flight, you should expect to spend $2500. As you budget you can see how expenses stack up quickly and the importance of preparation. 


Obtaining a Passport 

Before flying anywhere, a passport is a must-have for travel. If you do not have one yet, do not worry obtaining one is not too difficult. 

  1. First, you need to complete your respective form from There are 3 types of forms. Most commonly DS-11 is used for first-time applicants. Next, is DS-82 this form is used for renewing a passport. And the last form is DS-5504 and is used for name changes and limited-validity passports. 
  1. Next, you will need to gather the required documents. These documents will help to prove your citizenship. Along with citizenship proof, you will need to provide a form of identification. 
  1. Lastly, after a little bit of waiting you will need to pay the fees, the process will cost you anywhere from $130-$170. 


Research Flights 

There are multiple companies that offer flights from Milwaukee to Germany. Picking which company you want to fly through can come down to a few factors. These factors include price, reviews, and past personal experiences.  

When trying to find a flight there are many options to help you. Websites like Kayak, Expedia, and Google are all great options. I prefer to use Google because of its simplicity. Some things to be aware of when looking at flights are the flight total time and layovers. Both of these can be very time-consuming on an already time-consuming flight. Once you decide on your flight, book it on the airline’s website and you’re good to go. 


Research Transportation and Hospitality 

Like flights knowing how you want to travel and where you want to save will help you to save time and money. For transportation do you want to rent a vehicle while you are in Germany or do you want to Uber everywhere? Knowing if you can walk to destinations or use public transportation will be useful to you as well  

-On average, travelers and tourists tend to spend $18 a day on transportation in Berlin. For transportation, I would try to use public transportation because it will be the cheapest but Ubers and Lyfts are both solid available options. 

While in Germany you will also need to have somewhere to sleep at night. Picking somewhere to stay is like a flight because price and reviews should factor in on your chose but the location is another factor to consider.  

-On average, a hotel in Berlin will cost around $120. For booking, I would recommend using or just using Google. 


Converting Currency 

If you did not know Germany does not use US dollars, they use Euros. Meaning you may need to develop a plan to purchase things like food while in Germany. 

The current exchange rate for 1 US dollar is .86-Euro cents, this rate doesn’t vary too much as in the last month it has only varied by .01-Euro cents. If possible, you should try to exchange currency at the bank you currently use, this is because they are normally the cheapest and can help to save you from some extra fees. If needed you can use the airport or stores but keep in mind that they will have higher exchange rates and cost you more. When you return from your trip the same rules apply you will want to try to use your bank to exchange the currency, but options like stores and the airport are available. 


Options During Leisure Time 

Germany and specifically Berlin is an immensely popular tourist destination. Some reasons for this include 

The ability to visit multiple memorials and scenes from the Holocaust, options include the topography of terror and the Holocaust Memorial. Next, are the barriers and walls this includes the Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie. Another popular destination to visit while in Berlin is the museums these include Museum Island, Pergamon Museum, and many more. Lastly, some other popular buildings include The Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, and the Charlottenburg Palace. No matter where you go in Berlin, I am sure you will find something to visit and learn more about in your free time. 

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