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After having been told that I had been chosen to represent the Image of my IT Consulting company in Chicago. It was a great surprise. I have worked extremely hard at my IT Support job at Wheeler’s IT Consulting Firm. The trip was scheduled to last 5 days. From May 16,2016 to May 21,2016. My orders were straight and precise. We need this account at all cost. I was one of 5 consultants working at the Wheelers IT Firm. This was the first business trip that I would be making along. All planning preparation were left entirely to me. I have lined up my business to Chicago in 5 steps. As junior consultants, my first question was who will be paying for this trip. Each company has different rules and policies in place for business trips. Some companies may allow you to use a corporate credit card for your expenses or require you to pay for expenses up front with company reimbursements paid back to you after the trip. Keep track of all receipts and find out specific details; such as having a daily limit on food expenses. It is important to be familiar with your company’s travelling policies, as your actions on the business trip will reflect on you and your ability to follow and demonstrate company policy. Lucky for me this business trip is fully supported by the firm.

Now, that I have cleared that aspect of the business trip. My next step is to plan my traveling plans. I have checked into two mode of travel. My first option was to catch the Greyhound bus; the cost was minimal. About Bus – Milwaukee x Chicago   Milwaukee bus ticket to Chicago on May 16, 2016.

This bus route is carried by 2 great bus companies, such as Greyhound, Megabus with 11 bus schedules to Chicago. The first bus leaves at 03:55 and the last Milwaukee departure time is at 20:15.

You’ll be able to board at Milwaukee, WI, Milwaukee Intermodal Station – 433 St Paul’s Ave and get off bus at Chicago, IL, Megabus bus stop on Van Buren St., between S. Canal St. and S. Clinton St..

Traveling by bus from Milwaukee to Chicago takes around 2h 46m length.

All available Milwaukee bus travel tickets to Chicago usually costs from $ 7.00 to $ 11.00 per seat.

One other option was available. And that was to take my 2016 Chevy spark. It’s a 4 cylinder that gets 32 miles to the gallon, It’s approximately 80 miles to Chicago from Milwaukee. It would cost me about $2.25 per gallon. It would take 3 gals of gas to reach Chicago which would be $6.75 one-way and $13.50 round trip. The other aspect of taking my own car would be the convenient of having my own transportation and not having to pay for taxi services. I figured that I would have to spend at least $15-20 per trip, back and forth to conference hall. But the down side of taking my own car would be the parking. The toll roads are also a concern. The price for toll will be about $24-dollar round trip They parking fee at my hotel of choice was $35 per day. Based on these prices, I have decided to drive my vehicle and be reimbursed for gas at a later date. I have plenty of family in the Chicago area and I know the area very well.

My next step is lodging. I am a member of the expedia website. I have stayed at the Marriot hotel on various occasion, But the dates that I need are booked up for the week. My second chose is the Congress Plaza Hotel, in the medical district of Chicago. This is also the hotel that the conference will be held. Its $161 per night with a beautiful view. 1 queen bed Overlooking the city Entertainment – Free Wi-Fi and wired Internet access, premium channels

Food & Drink – Coffee/tea maker and room service

Sleep – Hypo-allergenic bedding

Bathroom – Private bathroom, shower/tub combination, free toiletries, and a hair dryer

Practical – Safe, iron/ironing board, and desk; rollaway/extra beds and free cribs/infant beds available on request

Comfort – Air conditioning, climate control, and daily housekeeping but let’s stay focus on business. As I stated before I have family in the Chicago area. But I fell that it would not  a good idea for business.


The next category to tackle is meals. My hotel room has a microwave and refrigerator. I can stock general food items and drinks which will be huge in the department of saving me money on meal and eating out at the local restaurants. I estimated that I should be able to stock what I need for about $50.I will have to at least eat breakfast for 3 day and dinner for 3 days. But with the additional help of supplying food for the refrigerator and meal at the restaurant.  I expect to spend about $100 on eating out at the local restaurants

The final step is to ensure that you have Pack everything you need for the business trip. I Started a packing list a few weeks ahead of time with items i will need, adding to it gradually up to the time I will actually pack to make sure I don’t forget anything important. Begin with business items such as my laptop computer, reports, and contracts and a  list of personal items such as clothing, , prescriptions and anything that is required to have a successful meeting. I believe that I have covered the basic of planning my trip to Chicago.

The trip to Chicago should go off with a hitch.  I have planned my trip down to the last detail. I will get a full night’s rest Sunday night and be ready to begin my journey the following morning. I will full my tank up, which will cost me about $25 I can get 212 miles to the tank. , Lodging is 161.00 for 4 days is $644.00 and $150 for meals and snacks. This comes up to a cost of $819 for the entire trip. I always add a buffer ,encase of emergencies.