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Do you feel like travelling to Frankfurt, Germany for a business trip? Here is a detailed information and steps that you will be needing to do before flying out to Frankfurt, Germany. Making travel arrangements is the most essential first thing you need to do before going anywhere else.

About Frankfurt, Germany

Based from my research, Frankfurt, Germany is one of the most varied and charming countries in the world. The country is very diverse and homogeneous. There are several wonderful places to visit in Frankfurt and things to do as well. They have a rich culture and tradition in Germany that they improvise and display to people who visits.

Complete Travel Guide to Frankfurt, Germany

Since this trip will be coming from Milwaukee, WI the nearest international airport is Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. You need to know first when you are planning to travel from Milwaukee to Frankfurt, Germany. You can identify the available flights on their website. For this example, I went to Google Flights. You can the flight arrangements ahead of time before making travel plans. If you are flying out from Chicago, IL and nearest international airport is Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The destination international airport in Frankfurt, Germany is FRANKFURT AIRPORT (FRA)

Hotel Accommodation Options

The average hotel price in Frankfurt is between €50 EURO to €185.55 EURO ($56.06 USD to $233.17 USD) a night. Here is a short list of different types of hotels within the Frankfurt area: Jumeirah Hotel, Sofitel Frankfurt Opera, Steigenberger FrankfurterHof, Moxy Frankfurt, Scandic Frankfurt Museumsufer, EasyHotel Frankfurt City Center and FreddApp One. 

Meal Options

There are several options when it comes to Meal options in Frankfurt. You can browse for restaurants, eateries, beer gardens and other attractions lined up for food lovers. There are also food courts available within the area for your selection as well. The meal options really depends on your budget and what type of food you would prefer.

Entry requirements

Check all given entry requirements and documents when planning to Frankfurt, Germany. You are responsible making sure all the documents meet the requirements. Passport Validity should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. You need to make sure that your passport is valid for the trip. Visa requirements check this link German Embassy for type of visa if any you will need.

US passport application

If you will be coming from USA, you will be probably be needing a US passport to travel to Germany. You need to fill out an Application for a U.S. Passport. I have included below the sample form. Make sure you write or type in your information on the form legibly. Check out Instruction Sheet for your records and requirements. For more information and questions, go to US Travel State Gov. Proof of Citizenship, Proof of Identity, Color Photograph and fees are also required for the US passport application.  Other important information will be included on the complete sample forms attached below.

Other things to consider

  • Best time to visit Frankfurt. The weather in Frankfurt can change depending on the season of the year. So picking the right date before traveling would be very ideal.
  • Things to do in Frankfurt. Check and see what other things to do in Frankfurt. Combining Business and Leisure is a good experience as well.
  • Public Transportation. Germany has a reliable transportation. You can get around the area using a tram, S-Train or subway. They also have a railroad network transportation.
  • Form of Communication. Not all people Germany speaks English so be prepared to know some basic German words to communicate. Though most of the people understand English than they speak. Don’t worry generally people are helpful and patient to understand you.
  • Safety and Security. As in any other country,be aware and concern of your belongings at all times and you should be fine.
  • Road Travel. You need to have a valid driving license, insurance and vehicle documents with you in the vehicle at all times.
  • Money and Currency. The currency in Germany is EURO. Check Currency Exchange for more information.

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