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When someone thinks of an information technology job, they usually think of someone who is very stationary and solely technical. As your career progresses beyond a mere beginner job into something greater, that is not always the case. As you indulge deeper into to your career you will be making greater contributions to your company, be handed greater responsibility, and more will be expected from you. As a result, business trips are nearly inevitable. A trip from Milwaukee to Shanghai would be somewhat tough to plan for, for someone who has never been there before. Without knowing what to expect, it is important to do some research in order to plan a proper budget. After all it is a 17 hours flight all the way to the other side of the world.

Often times, companies will cover the cost of the fight and stay. Another common thing they may do is open an expense account to cover the cost of your travel expenses. If you need a passport, you will have to cover that cost yourself for about $110+$25. Regardless there are many ways to form your budget if need be. There are websites which allow you to check the costs of hotels and car rentals. However, renting a car is not always the best choice. Shehnai has a vast subway system that will most likely take you wherever you need to go. The only reason that I would go with car is if you are sharing it with multiple people. A somewhat underestimated cost would be food. Me personally, would probably spend a lot on food for at least a few days considering that I would like to try some of Shanghai’s better food not just some McDonalds. There are many good options for those who want to try some domestic Chinese food. Some examples of Chinese restaurants in Shanghai that range from cheap to high class: Yang’s Fry Dumpling, Yuan Yuan, Taoyuan Village, Nanjing Impressions, Fu 1039, The YongFoo Elite, Xinjiang Uyghur Restaurant in Yishan Lu, and more. So, if you like food a lot too, make sure to take that into consideration.

Of course, if you have to save money, there are easy ways to do just that. You can forget the upscale Chinese restaurants and any belligerent night life for sure. You can also scale down the luxury level of both your flight and hotel, that alone will save quite a bit. It may be a good choice to get a cheap hotel near the workplace to will be doing business at. This way you may be able to get way with walking and avoiding subway, bus, or car fees. Considering the cheapest flight I could find is $750 and the cheapest hotel is only $11 per night, If you really lean it down, you can probably save at least $1,000 if not almost $2000.

Oh, and you also want to make sure that you are not overspending, so: 1.00 USD = 6.60 Yuan

For a five-day trip, I would expect it to cost just around $3,200 according to this cost estimate chart that I put together below:


Category Task Description Start Date End Date Cost Comment
Transportation Travel via Airline 27-Nov 12/1/2017  $   1,550.00 United Airlines – Round Trip
Transportation Travel via Car Rental 27-Nov 12/1/2017  $       655.00 Cost efficient to car pool – Prices:
Transportation Parking 27-Nov 1-Dec  $         50.00 May cost around $10 per day
Food Breakfast 28-Nov 1-Dec  $         13.00  Per day
Lunch 27-Nov 1-Dec  $         20.00  Per day
Dinner 27-Nov 30-Nov  $         39.00  Per day
Hotel/Stay 27-Nov 1-Dec  $       416.00 Ladoll Service Apartment $104 per night
Misc/Entertainment Extra expenses, activities, Chinese culture 27-Nov 1-Dec  $       455.00
Total  $   3,198.00