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The embarrassments of travel are mixed with the potential gracelessness of spending 24/7 with the co-workers that you might or might not know them well. Like it or not, you are bound to have conferences, client trips, or company meetings on the calendar at some point. So, before you pack your bags, here are a few tips on making it supportable:


  1. Be prepare Ahead
  2. Be Smart about packing your stuff
  3. Prepare dresses that suit the occasion
  4. Make it fun/worthwhile
  5. Keep a face smiling


Careful scheduling is the secret to every effective trip, and work travel is not that much of different. It’s even more important to be uber-prepared when you with your boss and co-workers. Map out the direction to the hotel and double-check the dates on your rental car reservation or bus. Bring an alarm so that you don’t miss your flight or show up 30 minutes late to the conference.


Remember to fill your suitcase with clothing suitable to the event. Most importantly if you are going to be flying with co-workers/boss or meeting customers at the airport, make sure that your travel outfit is proper for the occasion. Even if you are not head to a beach or major metropolis, work trips don’t have to be total boring. Every destination no matter how small it always has something to keep you and your co-workers interested. Find a local hot spot by using the internet to search Food Network website for restaurants. So, at the very least you will avoid an overpriced meal at a middling chain restaurant.

 Also, something to keep in mind remembers that a work trip is not your own personal vocation. Even if you are officially off the clock, doesn’t mean you can go out with your co-workers and have a party night you don’t want to run the risk of your bad behavior making it back to your boss.

 Packing for a week business trip can be a threatening task. You want to guarantee that you bring enough clothes that you will have suitable outfits for all the different events, meetings, and activities you will be the presence. Yet you also want to keep pace and not end up schlepping too much. And, you want everything you bring to arrive safely with minimal wrinkling and damage. A week trip doesn’t mean seven individual outfits made from entirely exclusive items. That you will need a truly king-size suitcase for seven suits. Instead, the ideal business trip suitcase is filled with compatible items. At most you should be bringing a jacket and a pair of trousers for every other day, rather than every day, mixing and matching to create different effects.

Some items such as socks and underwear particularly should be packed in one-per-day amounts. Unless you have fitting access to a hotel laundry, it’s also worth bringing one dress shirt per day as well, though traveler dress shirts made from quick-drying materials can be laundered and dried in hotel sinks, that reducing the need.  If it’s a 2-3-day, limit luggage to a carry-on. Pack smart by selecting basics in neutral colors to alternate, downsizing to travel-size shampoos, and minimalizing extra items such as books or unwieldy electronics.


Items checklist:

  • 2-4 shirts/blouses/tops
  • 2 pairs of trousers/skirts
  • 5+ pairs socks
  • 5+ pairs undergarments
  • long (lightweight) underwear
  • swimsuit
  • parka, coat, or equivalent
  • long T-shirt or sarong (nightclothes)
  • necktie, scarf, shawl, hairband, bandanna
  • sun hat / knitted cap, hat clip
  • 2 pair dressy shoes
  • 2 pair walking shoes/boots
  • flip-flops or sandals
  • belt
  • toothbrush
  • hairbrush
  • shampoo, bar soap
  • nail clippers

Another recommended load for a week of the business trip items checklist:

  • 2 suits1 charcoal gray and 1 navy blue (you bring two colors for mixing and matching —the navy-blue jacket on some suits can be used as a blazer with different trousers, and so on)
  • 2 pairs odd trousers— a pair of khakis and a pair of gray flannel slacks are good defaults
  • 1 blazer or sports jacket— it’s not vital, especially if you have suit jackets that can be worn as blazers, but it’s nice to have one that’s very clearly not part of a suit for casual events
  • 7 long-sleeved dress shirts— at least three or four in plain or very lightly-patterned white, and the remainder in light colors for casual and evening settings
  • 1 dark, solid-color polo shirt— up the amount to three or four and reduce the number of dress shirts by one or two if you’re traveling somewhere very hot or plan on playing a lot of golf
  • 2 pairs dress shoes— one black and one brown; wear one on the plane to save room
  • 2 dress belts— matching the shoes
  • 4-7 pocket squares —you could get away with just one white pocket square in a pinch, but they’re so small you might as well bring some variety
  • 5-7 neckties— one for every day isn’t a necessity, but they don’t take up much room
  • 7 pairs dress socks— be sure that you have socks to match each trouser color
  • 7 pairs underwear— whatever your preference is; it’s also always a safe bet to pack an extra pair or two, just in case
  • Wool overcoat— in winter/fall weather only; wear it on the plane to save room
  • Plain black umbrella— can usually go in the carry-on
  • Dopp kit— all the basics, in one zippered bag in the carry-on or checked luggage
  • Dark, solid-color swimsuit— never underestimate how much business gets done in hotel spas
  • Pajamas— likewise, never plan on sleeping naked, even if you’re supposedly getting your own room

You don’t want to weigh the suitcase down with things that unnecessary, so check your route when planning your clothing. If you know there will be a few days off where you won’t have to wear a dress shirt and tie, don’t bring them for that day. Put on a set of lightweight casual clothes in there instead or wear your jeans and an earlier day’s dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up.


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