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1. Link preview enables you to view the URL link received via SMS or messengers in advance using the S pen with opening a web browser. To activate that you will need to go to settings, then to S pen, and last Air view. Then you need to move the S pen close to the URL link and you will now be able to see the major contents provided by the URL in a pop up window.

2. Caller information display features –  When you get a call from someone, sometimes you want to know what the person has been up to lately or about the last conversation was made between you and the person. You can check information about the person when you are receiving a call from, or making a call to. If you want to show caller id you will need to go to the dial app and check to settings, then calls, and last show caller information. It will then show all the person’s activities uploaded to his or her contact history.

3. Wi-Fi Sharing – This feature allows your device to connect to another device that is connected to Wi-Fi without having to type in the password. To get to to this feature you will need to make sure your connect to Wi-Fi. Once that opens go to Quick Connect by swiping down the Notification panel from the top edge of the screen, then finds device that needs to be sharing the Wi-Fi with, and last select Share Wi-Fi to share your Wi-Fi network.

4. One Handed Operation – This feature is awesome out of the 5. To activate this feature you will need to go to settings, then display wallpaper, next one handed operation, and last reduce screen size. You will then need to quickly drag your thumb to the edge on the screen to the center of the screen and back. This will make the whole screen downsized.

5. Voice Recorder/Meeting mode- Starting off with meeting mode this feature distinguishes sounds coming from up to 8 directions when recording, and tells you which sounds comes from which direction when recorded file is played back.