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Soldering Iron: This tool is used to solder small components like resistors, capacitors, speakers, or microphones. A 50-watt soldering iron should be good enough for most mobile phone repair jobs. For mobile phone repair the soldering iron must be ESD safe because most parts in mobile phones are very sensitive and will get damaged due to static charge. You can get a 50-watt ESD safe soldering iron on Amazon for around 16 dollars. Link on the basics of using a soldering iron:

Precision Screwdrivers: A precision screwdriver is used to tighten and remove screws while taking apart or putting back together a mobile phone. Precisions screwdrivers of sizes T4, T5, T6 will be good enough for most mobile phone repair jobs. You can get a small precision screwdriver set off Amazon for around 5-10 dollars.

Multimeter: This tool is used to check faults in a device. It is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions into one unit. It can measure voltage, current, resistance. The multimeter can be used to test components of a smart phone such as the battery. You can buy a multimeter for as little as 8 dollars on Amazon. Video link on the basics of using a multimeter:

Suction Cup: Not a whole lot is done with this and usually comes part of a mobile phone repair kit, but the suction cup is used to help separate the screen from the phone during the disassembly process. Suction cups can be bought on amazon for around 3 dollars for a set of 6.

 Anti-Static Tweezers: Another basic tool that most likely will come in a mobile phone repair kit. Tweezers will help by making it easier to grab things when they need to be pulled apart. It can especially be helpful when separating things like the vibrating motor, power button, volume button, and flex cables. A set of 4 can be bought on Amazon for about 9 dollars.

Antistatic Brush: Phones normally aren’t opened very often and need to be cleaned when they are. You can’t just use any brush as it might damage the circuitry in the boards. An anti-static brush is used so it doesn’t spread charges and harm the device. A set of anti-static brushes will cost around 5 dollars on Amazon.

Nylon Spudger: This is another essential tool for repairing phones and tablets. The spudger is used for a variety of purposes when it comes to repairing electronic devices. The tool is anti-static and pliable making it ideal for working around electronics without fear of shocking them or scratching them. The pointed end of the spudger can be used to connect or disconnect components or hold objects for soldering. The tool also includes a notch for hooking wires. The flat side of the spudger can be used to remove thermal paste, pry out components and can also be used to aid you in soldering.

Plastic Triangle Tool: This tool looks very similar to a guitar pick and is used to get into those tight spaces to help pry open things. This tool is extremely useful when it comes to do screen replacements because of its ability to help assist in the removing of the glass touch screen from the device. You can use the tool to slide and maneuver around the housing of the device without having to worry about scratching the glass touch screen of the device.