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Negotiating Salary and Benefits



The main things you need to look at before taking a job is how much they are willing to pay you and what benefits they will offer you. Some IT jobs are contract jobs meaning you will be put on a contract for a period of time usually a year in which you will work for that company. Most contract jobs don’t offer any sort of benefits because you are possibly a temporary worker. The main benefit of a contract job is you will make a lot more money than you would with working for a big company.

Working for a big company is always the safer way to go you will have good benefits with good pay. You won’t make as much as when you are on a contract job, but you will have good benefits. You will most likely have benefits like healthcare and a retirement fund. Most IT support specialists on average make 20-23 dollars an hour so when looking for a job when you have experience look for something in between. The most important benefits would be healthcare and a retirement fund. When negotiating pay do your research on what the average your major makes after that you will probably be applying for other jobs as well to see who will give you the best offer.

When telling them what wage you want always go higher than what you actually want always to start high but not too high. When you start off high, they will most likely say no and lower it and meet you in the middle. When negotiating ask them if you could have some time to think about it this way you can see if there are other opportunities that will pay you more. Don’t apply to too many jobs because some employers find that unprofessional and will think you are wasting their time.

When negotiating benefits, it is very important to make sure they give you good health benefits preferably dental insurance health insurance, and eye insurance for glasses if you need them. Most company won’t negotiate health benefits, but you could ask for discounts if it is a store and make it a fair suggestion like 15-20% off products. Most businesses will give you discounts on products if it is a store or company in sales. Negotiating money and benefit can be scary but now with this information you will be able to negotiate like a pro.