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The iPhone X is Apple’s latest creation.  This amazing device connects people with their technology like never before.  This new iPhone has an OLED 5.8 super retina screen that has has a 1,000,000 to one contrast ratio.  The phone will be brighter, crisper and look more amazing then ever before.  The iPhone is made of stainless steel and glass that is so durable it can withstand  drops from a height of four feet.  Other great features make this iPhone water resistant, dust resistant, and it has wireless charging.Apple’s new iPhone X has a whole different look.  For years when looking at an iPhone it featured the standard home button.  Now, apple has designed it so with a movement of your finger or your voice you can navigate your phone with ease.  This gives the Iphone an advantage.  Now, with fewer moving parts  it is less likely to have mechanical problems.  

Apple has also added the option of wireless phone charging.  This great feature works by purchasing a wireless charging mat.  This mat will also charge the Bluetooth earbuds that connect you to your phone.  If you travel, some airports and hotels may have these mats available.  Don’t worry the new iPhone still has a lightning port to charge from the wall.

Apple introduces Face ID in their new iPhone.  This technology will let you lock, unlock and pay using facial recognition.  This feature works by having the True Depth camera create a map of your face by scanning it and using it as a key.  The software will change your face over time so that it continues to recognize you as you get older.

If you like taking selfies and want to look good on Instagram, then these new features may help you out.  The new iPhone comes with a True Depth camera that has dual twelve megapixel cameras on the back and a seven megapixel  camera on the front.  The dual cameras on the back of the iPhone gives it the ability to have optical zoom for better photos and video.   The first feature allows you to add artificially blurred backgrounds and you can also change the foreground of selfies. In addition,  it gives you studio like lighting and different effects.   Another feature is  you can have the camera analyze your face and create a moving emoji… called Animoji to send to your friends.  

 he hardware of the new Iphone has the new A11 smart chip and four gigs of memory.  This chip can perform around six hundred billion operations per second.  What this means is it gives you the ability to multitask efficiently, without your phone slowing down.  The iPhone X  has a new and improved battery that will give you approximately 14 hours of operating use.  This battery works great for listening to hours of your favorite music or just watching one of your favorite shows on Netflix.

As I went threw the different features of the new iPhone X I realized this phone has something for everyone.  If you’re a business person and love to multitask, the power of new A11 processor and long battery life will keep you going all day long.  Or, if you’re a teenager and love to play games, listen to music and hang out by the pool, this phone is for you.   Having a water resistant phone with a super retina screen is going to make life more enjoyable.  Lastly, if you’re a new mom and you love taking clear and crisp photos of your little one, the iPhone X can get the job done.  These are just a few new features of the iPhone X and I encourage you to take a closer look and seek out more.