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Class 14 New Feature of Latest Windows Update

The three feature I chose from windows 10 new feature is called windows Your phone app, BitLocker, and Windows defender application guard improvement. They’re also all from Windows 10 version 1809. The reason why I chose these three was because I found them interesting and I know that one day in the future it’ll help me and someone else who will need it in the future or now. Another thing is that I find some of these features useful to me right now because I can use it on my computer since it’s up to date on its windows 10.

The reason why I chose the feature “Windows Your Phone App” is because you can access you work on your phone. For example, for android users they don’t have to email themselves photos anymore because they can just link their phone to their PC and then when they do, they can see everything. Another cool thing is that if you’re an iPhone user you can just link your phone to your computer, and for example if you find an interesting website while you’re on your phone you can send it to your computer and it’ll save it on there for you. So, once you get back on your computer you can see the website that was on your phone, but make sure your phone is connected to the computer if you want to do this. Another thing is that you can do this anywhere, but you must have it connected to the computer before you do this method and you also must have internet connection to do this.

The second feature I want to talk about BitLocker. BitLocker was introduced in Windows 10 version 1703 but in Windows 10 1809 is when it got updated again. The reason why I chose BitLocker was because you can use BitLocker for encryption. For example, you can choose which encryption algorithm to apply to BitLocker encryption capable devices, rather than automatically having those devices encrypt themselves with the default algorithm. This allows the encryption algorithm to be delivered before BitLocker encryption begins. To do this method you have to configure the encryption settings in the Windows 10 Endpoint Protection profile to desired encryption algorithm. The second step is to assign the policy to your auto pilot device group. One important thing is that the encryption policy must be assigned to devices in the group, not users. Then the third step is to enable the autopilot enrollment status page for the devices. The other import thing is that if the ESP is not enabled, the policy will not apply before encryption starts. So that’s how you boot BitLocker and what it does for you.

The last thing that caught my attention was “Windows Defender Application Guard Improvements.” The reason why I chose this is because users can now install and configure their Windows Defender Application Guard settings in Windows Security without needing to change registry key settings. By it allowing us to do that is already good enough for everyone who is using it. Another thing is that users who are managed by enterprise policies will be able to check their settings to see what their administrators have configured for their machines to better understand the behavior of Windows Defender Application Guard. This new UI improves the overall experience for users while managing and checking their Windows Defender Application Guard settings. As long as devices meet the minimum requirements, these settings will appear in Windows Security. The method to this is you go to Windows Security and select app and browser control. After that you click isolated browsing the click install windows defender application guard, then what it’ll do is it’ll install and then restart the computer. The last thing is you must change the application guard setting and then configure the application guard settings. So that how you set the WDAG on your computer.

These are some of the reason why I chose these new features to talk about because they caught my interest. I hope that one day if I ever come across this in the future, I’ll know how to do it without hesitating because I already know how to do it. Also I hope that these features that I talked about can help whoever that needs it in the future.