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Final Project 13

Three things that caught my attention is System Guard, Security Virus System, and Reversed storage. The reason why there three caught my attention is that I have a feeling that one day in the future in can help me in my life. Another thing is that these three things are very helpful If you have a windows computer. Another thing is that you need windows 10 on your computer for these features to work for you. These are also some of the latest features for Windows 10 also, so your computer must be up to date to be able to use it.

The reason why I chose to focus on System guard is because it helps tells you if the computer is functioning properly and nothing is happening to it. Another thing is that this feature is built on top of the system guard secure launch to check if the system management mode firmware on the device is running and working. The other thing is that this feature currently has no devices out there with a compatible hardware, but on the website, it said that there will be one coming out soon in the next few months. If you’re trying to find the feature for this, you must go into the windows search bar search for Windows Security and then look for device security and you’ll find it. If your computer is up to date, then you’ll be fine.

For the second one I chose Security Virus Threat Protection. This feature is also on windows 10 so make sure your computer is updated to the latest for this feature. So, the reason why I chose this feature is because it tells me if the computer has any virus or threat to my computer. Another thing is that if I do have a virus, I can take actions immediately and scan it, so I know what it is. Another good thing about this feature is that It protects my computer from viruses. One important virus that everyone who has a computer should look out for is malware. The reason why is because Malware can spam your computer with ads, it can make your computer super slow, and it can damage it. For example, I had to check if my computer had any virus and when I went to look it said that a there are some actions recommended for me to do. So, I had to do a quick scan and after that there was no threat to the computer. So, this is one of the reasons why I chose this feature. Another thing is that if you want to access this feature you have to search up windows security and click on the virus and threat protection and then everything will pop up on the screen. Then it’ll show you if you have any virus or if you need to scan anything so your computer can be fine.

The third thing I chose is called Reversed Storage. What reversed storage is that it’s set aside desk disk space to be used by updates, apps, temporary files, and systems caches. Another thing it does is that it improves the day to day function of the pc by making sure if the critical OS functions always have access to disk space. Reversed storage will also be enabled automatically on newer PCs with windows 10, version 1903 pre-installed, and for clean install.  So, what this mean is that I have to make sure that I will always have space for updates on my computer or else my computer won’t get a update at all.

These are the reasons these three caught my attention the most another thing is I feel like they will help me a lot in the future if I ever come across any of these problems. I’m not sure when it’ll happen but when it does, I’ll know what to do because I did my research on it and maybe I can help someone in the future with these kinds of stuff if they ever get stuck. Also if I do work in this kind of work field these information would be very helpful to me.

Final project screen print 13