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The Windows 10 Fall Creator update has a many new features that are exciting! A few of these updates include: My People, voice activated power commands to Cortana, updates to Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store updates, Security, and Game mode. There are a couple other updates not listed, but these are the updates we will be discussing today. My People is an update that was added and you can now pin your top people in the taskbar for a quick one click access to those people. You can tap on your pinned contact and send an email or chat with them without having to open any of the apps you normally would. This is very important and helpful for IT users because now if you need to contact someone, you can do it in an easier way, especially those people you contact often. Using My People you can also drag an item you wish to share onto that saved contact. This will be useful when needing to send instructions or a Youtube video link. Another exciting new feature is that Cortana can now be voice activated. You can now reach her above the lock screen, and you can ask Cortana to shut down, restart, or sleep your computer. This will help IT users multitask, which we already know is a very important part of IT. Microsoft Edge received a bunch of updates! For those that enjoy reading, or for students, you can now annotate your books in Microsoft Edge. This is going to be huge for students because many  students are now buying E books because they are usually cheaper and more efficient. The annotate feature gives you the option to highlight in four different colors, underline, add comments, and copy text. Along with annotation, you can now pin your favorite websites to the taskbar. If you have a site you are using constantly, pinning it to your taskbar will simply give you the option to click on that pinned site and poof, you are there. You can also now edit your favorites, and go into full screen mode. To use full screen mode you are going to press F11 and that is it. Full screen right there. You can exit just as simply and press F11 again to exit full screen mode.  Pretty cool, right? The new Fall Creator update came with a new look to your Microsoft Store also. They made the layout of the store easier to navigate and put all of the things you may want such as hardware, games, entertainment, or apps, all in the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 added extra ransomeware protections to its security. They added Windows Defender Exploit Guard which helps protect your personal files from unauthorized changes by applications. Windows Defender Antivirus now has safeguards along with extra coverage that is accessed via the cloud protection service. A very cool feature added to Windows 10 with this update is Continue on PC. The websites you search for on your phone can now be instantly accessed via your computer. This is going to be huge for any user of Android or IPhone. Have you ever opened a web page of something you needed and then had to put your phone down and said I will do that later. No longer needed, you can put the phone down and get back on the computer and continue right were you left off. Microsoft added a feature that you can now recover your PIN and password from a lock screen.  This is excellent because we all know that we have 20 different passwords and sometimes you get them mixed up or simply forget them. You don’t have to worry about being locked out of your computer ever again with the recover option at the lock screen. A few neat features added for those that are handicapped is Eye Control, Narrator, and Dictation. Eye Control makes Windows accessible to those that cannot use their hands. It is in a beta at the moment but it lets a person operate the whole thing with just the use of their eyes!  You can use the mouse, keyboard, and text-to-speech with a look. Hopefully the beta goes well and they can perfect this feature. The update included a nice little performance/battery balance slider that lets you quickly and easily slide the bar to your needs. If your battery is running low and you need to preserve as much as possible just slide it over to the saver area and that’s it. Windows mixed reality viewer was added to Windows and you can now see 3D objects in reality via your device. You can now create things in 3D paint and view it in the settings around you. They added another 3D feature via Microsoft Office to make presentations, Word docs, and Excel docs more creative. You can add 3D images into your projects now to make them a little bit more exciting. You can add a 3D image between slides in a power point for brand new types of transitions. Last but not least, the Creators Update brought PC gaming to a new level. A new Game Mode toggle switch was added so that you can switch to game mode within the game.  A chat mixer was updated so that you can determine the audio stream, and it will now load faster. You can also see GPU in the task manager which will show how busy your computer is for certain graphics. The new Fall Creators Update came out with a bunch of new features that will help all sorts of people from students, to gamers, to professionals.