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New features of Windows 10 Version 1809

The newest most up to date Windows 10 update is version 1809 which was released in October of 2018. These updates contain many features for students and IT Professionals. Update version 1809 features a new look and features that include Auto Pilot self-deploying mode that offers zero touch provisioning and fully configures the device with no additional user interaction. Next is the Your Phone App which helps android users stay productive while working on their PC. This App is designed to help you stay focused on your work instead of looking and checking your phone by sending notification to your PC and allows you to respond to your phone using your PC. Then there is the Dark Feature Mode which can be enabled thru the Personalization settings which features different shades of black for viewing options instead of bright white. The Security update has built-in security at every level meaning you will no longer next additional security software. The new security update displays all threats that need attention, so that you can act on threats. Cloud Clip Board is another great update that allows you to sync contents across devices that are signed in on the same Microsoft account. You can copy and paste content using the new screen shot feature snip & sketch which is the alternative for screen snip. snip and sketch allows you to draw shapes to create a screen shot and add content to your work. Another feature offers faster sign-in on to a Windows 10 shared PC and Remote Desktop with Biometrics.