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For the most frequent time Windows has been very well kept and always ahead of their devices and software always updated.  Instead Microsoft is a very different company mainly because they focus more on their software other than their products. For example other companies that focus on using IOS software only update their products. The companies don’t focus on their product in particular.

The main features that Microsoft makes is the Windows store. The windows store lets you download apps securely and fast and easy to use. Microsoft makes sure always that their apps are always kept to date and made to work with their products current software version. The windows stores let’s you download apps such as Entertainment,Games, and weather apps. The apps simply can be downloaded from using your personal Microsoft account which is again very secure. The Windows store is the most unique tool that Windows software has to offer.

Another great feature for Windows is the start button feature that was perhaps thought to have been gotten rid of by the latest update of Windows 10. It actually stayed and it’s very useful for users who used to use a desktop version of the oldest version of Windows 7. This start button is quite similar but just a tad different in comparison. The start button has a vary of certain ways to access apps like the weather, the date and time, and even games can be accessed for the start button. The start button now includes a new way to find the things you need by simply typing in the search bar located on the bottom on the screen. The start button has the same options as it would on the Windows 7 software. This includes the Control panel, settings, applications, computer, and file explorer.  Overall the Windows 10 start button is quite useful in it’s own way for the current users with using desktops.

The window’s 10 Microsoft Edge browser is the newest current browser for Windows 10 users. It’s very efficient, quite useful, very fast and it’s the new replaced version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft edge also has a new logo, and the browser is a lot faster, the flash player is also put into the browser automatically so you don’t have to download it manually. This Microsoft Edge browser also has a voice assistant called Cortana is used to make easier and faster searches instead of manually typing the words on the keyboard.

The latest new thing about Windows 10 is the Centralized Notification Center. This is very useful and very helpful to let you know about news and learn about what new updates to the software that need to be downloaded. This Notification center is the turn point of technology. It always shows you errors if they occur and if you need space on your computer or if the battery appears to be low if you use a laptop.  The notification center is again very useful and It hopefully is the most useful tool for the Windows 10 software.

The new feature in Windows 10 software is the Windows Ink what this is, it’s exactly a new way to create notes and make current important things you need to do or complete. The first main feature of the Windows Ink is the Windows Sticky Notes. The old sticky notes before would stay on your computer desktop screen but they would be in the way. This latest new feature they can now be hidden away and will no longer be an issue. The second main feature of the Windows Ink is the Sketchpad. It’s basically a way to put whatever you want or to create. You can use your hands to draw with a marker on the screen and make any words remember or to draw. This sketch pad can be shared with other social media accounts as well.  The third and final main feature of Windows Ink is the Screen Sketch. This can be used to outline or highlight important information. It screenshots the screen but lets you then edit the screenshot ed version.


The next feature of the Windows 10 software includes the power user menu. This is a menu that includes several options to access certain commands. The certain commands that Power user menu has is the Programs and features. This tool is used to delete certain installed software. This can also be used to delete versions of windows updates. The next feature of power user menu is the Power options. This is used for changing your power plan to keep your computer using much more energy to run faster or to control power usage, to prevent your computer’s battery from dying so quickly.