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The CompTIA A+ certification exams are now administered online, and they are a great alternative to in-person testing. The online exams require a mid-range computer, a webcam, and high-speed internet, if you have this equipment, you should consider taking the exams online due to the Covid-19 situation. The online exams are also convenient, and it will save you time and money because there is no need to travel to a testing center. It is an easy process to take the CompTIA A+ exams online and I will show you how.

First, to take the exams online you must have a webcam and room or area that is quiet and away from pets or people. You must be alone during the exam and have your desk clear of materials, otherwise you could be disqualified by the proctor. Next, your computer and network must meet the requirements for the online exam. To check if your equipment meets the requirements, you must download a free system tester from CompTIA. If your computer passes the requirements test, you will next have to create an account through Pearson VUE. This is the account you will use to schedule and take your exam. Then you can buy an exam vouchers from the CompTIA store or Pearson VUE store when you are ready.

You will need to pass two exams, 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (core 2) to obtain the CompTIA A+ certification. The exams are not taken on the same day unless you schedule them that way. The cost to take these exams is the same as the in-person exams, $232 each. You will be allowed 90 minutes per exam to answer a maximum of 90 multiple choice or performance-based questions on each exam. These exams will cover different topics. The 220-1001 exam covers topics related to networks, the cloud, mobile devices, and virtualization. Topics covered on the 220-1002 exam include security, computer software, computer hardware, and troubleshooting. To pass the exams, you need a minimum score of 75% on the 220-1001 exam and at least a score of 77% on the 220-1002 exam. If you do not pass the exams on the first try, you can pay another $232 to schedule a retest right away. If you do not pass on the second try, you will have to wait 14 days until your third retest, and this applies to any additional retests after that.

To prepare for the exam, I recommend purchasing study materials from CompTIA’s store. They have a variety of materials to fit your learning style and they are specifically developed to prepare you for the CompTIA A+ exams. You have a choice of online learning options such as virtual labs, videos, study guides, self-paced classes, or instructor-led classes. The only downside is that these study materials can cost several hundred dollars each and you must buy them for each exam, but the store does offer bundles that can save you money. A cheaper choice would be to purchase a book written by an independent author that covers the topics of both the CompTIA A+ exams and includes a practice exam. There are also free study guides and practice tests on the internet from independent sources. I would recommend studying a few hours every day for at least two months or until you can pass a few practice exams. You do not want to have to pay another $232 for a retest.

After studying for the exam and passing practice tests, purchase an exam voucher and schedule your online exam. On the day of the exam have your ID ready and log in to your Pearson VUE account 30 minutes early. You will need to download software and go through a check-in process to verify your identity. The proctor will also make sure your desk is clear of materials and that your surroundings are acceptable. During the exam, the proctor will be monitoring you and your computer to make sure you are not cheating, and they may contact you if they have any concerns. After you have completed the exam, you will be emailed the results and receive information about your certification.

To summarize, it is relativity easy and safer to take the CompTIA A+ exams online as long as you have the equipment to do so. To take the exams online you simply test your computer, make an account, schedule your exam, and download software on exam day. So now that you know more about obtaining the CompTIA A+ Certification Online, I hope you consider it over in-person testing. Good luck on your exam!