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Integration Between MATC Certificates and Associate Degree Program

All IT Computer Support Specialist Program offerings are integrated as part of MATC’s IT Computer Support Specialist Pathways , designed to help students choose between the different educational educational credential available for IT Computer Support Specialist Program. Pathway allows students to start small and get a certificate in one semester. After getting the certificate students can either start looking for a job or continue their studies or take a break in education and return back to the studies later (due to change family circumstances).

We have designed IT Computer Support Pathway in such way that any technical course students take counts toward either Certificate, Technical Diploma or Associate Degree Educational credentials. Most of the courses are also interchangeable with other MATC programs and also can be transferred toward 4 year degrees (How MATC IT Support Program allows you to transfer to 4 year program).

Pathways are also helpful for students that might have different interests and goals with IT Support technologies, since it offers transfer opportunities to other IT Programs inside or outside of MATC. Curriculum is offered in different methods for flexibility of scheduling. Financial Aid is available to qualified candidates.

IT Computer Support Pathway offers students following benefits:

  • – Allow students to get educational credentials as they gradually complete studies, by using embedded certificates and technical diplomas
  • – Build a pathway for IT Support graduates to introduce embedded Certificates and Technical diplomas to provide better employment value for the students and make it easier for them to find the job, after graduating with educational credentials from MATC
  • – Allow students to get selective educational credentials in 6 month or less to help them start looking for a jobs in IT Support industry after graduation
  • – Allow students, that had to stop the studies due to employment or family situations, to return back to college and continue their studies to allow them to progress and grow in their current careers
  • – Refresh the program courses to introduce classes with the current skills, in demand by Milwaukee area employers, to give MATC IT Support graduates completive advantage and help secure and keep jobs
  • – Improve classroom supplies utilization by adding more exercises into the curriculum that use modern technologies
  • – Accommodate many needs for prospective student candidates with different objectives and different levels of IT experience

Below is the complete list of MATC IT Support educational credentials and diagram which shows how students can progress in their IT Support education by starting with one semester Certificates, earning Technical Diplomas and graduating with Associate Degree:

You can view the entire MATC IT Computer Support Specialist Pathway here

2015-07-07 MATC.IT.Computer.Support.Pathway.v10.3

IT Computer Support Program is part of a career pathway. What this means is that students may earn credential(s) along the way to completing your associate degree or technical diploma.  To learn about the benefits of career pathways we highly recommend you see MATC advisor for guidance in determining what classes to take towards your program.  Visit one of the Counseling and Advising Centers at any MATC campus.

Counseling and Advising Center Locations:

  • – Milwaukee Campus  414-297-6267, Room S203
  • – Oak Creek Campus  414-571-4500, Room A106
  • – West Allis Campus  414-456-5510, Room 120
  • – Mequon Campus  262-238-2200, Room A110

The center hours are Monday-Thursday, 7:45am-6pm and on Fridays 7:45am-4pm.

Download MATC IT Computer Support Pathway here        Download 2015-2016 MATC IT Computer Support Specialist Pathways