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Make Travel arrangements for the business trip from Milwaukee to Sydney, Australia

With businesses becoming more and more global every day, the need for employees to travel across the country or even abroad has become more commonplace today, more than ever before. But on this trip, I will be giving you the tools you need to get to Sydney, Australia, and back again. We will talk about the length of the trip, airfare, upfront costs (you will need a U.S. passport), transportation when you get there, hotels, and fine dining.

Let’s begin with the basics; you should create an itinerary, so you keep to a schedule and don’t miss anything. There are so many variables per person, per household that I cannot possibly get you one hundred percent ready. Do you have pets? What about a wife and or kids? There is an endless list of things to be conscious of before you take a trip. Just remember to go over things like, what you need to take, maybe come up with a wish list. Do you have a cell phone? If so, does it have a camera, so you can take pictures. I realize in this day and age 99 percent of cell phones do have cameras, but one can never be one hundred percent sure about what the next person is able to afford. You are also going to need to get a passport. I am not going to explain the process of getting a passport, but you can go here, to find out more information. To go along with the passport, you might want to consider applying for either TSA Prechek or Global Entry. With Global Entry, when you return to the states you can potentially avoid the long customs lines and walk straight through to your destination. There is an added cost to each. TSA Prechek is a one-time payment of $80 for a five-year pass, and Global Entry is a one-time fee of $100 for the same five years. Both are nonrefundable, so if you don’t qualify, you will NOT receive a refund.

Now you need to figure out how long you are going to stay. From what I can tell, going to Australia, you will need at least two extra travel days. And also, from what I see, coming home doesn’t take as long as going there. Once you decide your duration of the trip (I will assume for this post you will be gone a total of 7 days. Leaving on a Sunday and returning the next Sunday. You will arrive in Sydney on Tuesday, hence your two extra days flight time there.  Wednesday through Saturday for business, and pleasure, then Sunday you come home.

On the day of your trip, make a list of things that you need and check them off. A couple of the most important being, passport, money, tip money, any medication and work documents and equipment, i.e. laptop or tablet, and of course your phone. Speaking of phone, you might want to check with your company, if it’s a company paid phone, or your carrier, to find out what it takes for you to use your phone internationally. Double check everything. And when you are sure you have everything, including tickets if you printed them, head out to the airport however you decide. Once at the airport, do airport things and go wait for your plane.

Once you land in Sydney, HOORAY!!!, stop for your luggage and then head to the rental car place, (It will be in your itinerary). Get your car, a map if needed, or use your phone as a GPS to navigate to the hotel. You may want to look at downloading a map app to limit your data usage while using your phone abroad. You will be going to the Felix hotel about 3.2 miles away from the airport. Drive to the hotel and check-in. Drop your belongings off in the room and head to the bar for a drink, your meeting isn’t until tomorrow.

We won’t talk much about meals seeing as it can be too much to discuss with everyone’s different dietary needs. But, find something to eat.

Since you made an itinerary before you left Milwaukee, now is a good time to go over it. Maybe you have some time before, after, or in-between your meetings. If so, ask around the hotel for places to go, places to eat, places to see. Yes, you are there on business, but a little pleasure never hurt anyone. Just make sure it doesn’t conflict with the reason you are there.

After all, is said and done, and your week is over, while you are packing, be sure to look over every nook and cranny in the rental car and the hotel room. Look under the seats, chairs, bed/s, in the trunk, in the closet, leave no stone unturned. You do not want to return back in Milwaukee and realize you forgot your lucky underwear in the shower. I’m just saying.

Now, head back to the airport 3 hours before your flight to give you time to return your rental car and check bags and just relax while you await your plane. Get on board, enjoy your flight, and welcome home!