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Today, most companies are searching for potential candidates to join their company that have certifications in their field of study. For the IT world, that means obtaining such certifications such as your CompTIA A+ Certification, A+ Network Certification and for the one I will be discussing here is the Apple Certified iOS Technician Certification also known as ACiT. ACiT is an important certification if you want to become an Apple iOS technician. This document will give you a list of tasks that you can do in order to help you pass the exams. It will consist of every cost that goes into achieving this certification as well as the locations in which you can take the exam, a Gantt Chart with the schedule that you can follow and any additional information that can be helpful as well.

First, you can’t just jump into any Exam. You first must do your research on the matter. For you to obtain the ACiT Certification, you need to pass two exams in order which first is the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-18A or SVC-17A) and then you can go ahead and take the ACiT 2018 iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-18A). Look into what topics each exam covers so you can then create a schedule like the one I will show here to help you organize your time and tasks effectively. For the iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-18A), there are two sections that the exam covers. Each section will cover a variety of topics which some are:


·         Describe the diagnostics used in troubleshooting a given scenario

·         List common resolutions for battery-related issues

·         Identify basic controls for mailbox management

·         Describe the built-in apps and features of iOS

Servicing iPhone

·         Identify and correct specialized tools, fixtures, and procedures required to service the iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 and so on.

·         Identify the physical supplies and online resources necessary to ensure proper and safe servicing of an IPhone model.

These are just some of the topics covered in the exam. There are 70 questions and you will only have 2 hours to complete the exam. For you to pass, you will need a passing score of 80% or higher. So now that you did your research on the exam, it is recommended to also research about some online or in-person courses that you can take that will help you better prepare for the exam. After, search for locations that offer the exam to you and see what dates they have available to take the exam and really think about what date you want to set for you to take the exam. After you have obtained all this information, you can properly start to organize your time and tasks into a well-developed schedule.

I have created a sample schedule using a Gantt Chart to demonstrate how you can organize your list of tasks in order to be prepared for the exam.

Here I have broken down each task into their corresponding groups and set a date of when it should be completed by. I would recommend taking at least six months to review, study and prepare for the exam. I also recommend taking at least 2-3 hours per day to review what you studied on the previous day and to continue studying new areas as you go along. Start when you are at your most focused time of the day so you can better remember what you are studying. As you can see, Phase one starts with all the research for the exam and other items. Phase two is choosing the date and starting your training courses on the subject. Phase three are your initiation tasks of creating a study plan and doing the actual preparations for the exam. The fourth phase is taking the exam and reviewing anything that you might have gotten incorrectly if you failed the exam. The final phase is updating your resume and social media accounts with your accomplishments. Of course, your schedule could be more in depth in the matter and could be more organized so develop your work schedule to work best with you.

Here is the cost breakdown for the training courses and the two exams you must take in order to receive your certification:

·         SVC-18A Exam: $20.00

·         ACiT Certification Exam: $20.00

·         Training Courses: $2,800

It is not very much so take advantage on the price and get certified. Luckily, this exam can be taken at the convenience of your own home if you do meet the following PC requirements which are:

·         Operating System: Mac OSX 10.10 and above.

·         Internet Browser Version: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

·         Screen Resolution: Screen resolution equal to or greater than 1024 X 768

·         Flash Version: Adobe Flash Player latest version is required.

·         Internet Connection: You will need a sustained, high speed, Internet connection for the duration of the exam.

There is going to be a lot of study time to put into your daily routine. Plan carefully and take care of all your other responsibilities first before diving into your study time.

So, in order to really get a good understanding of where to start to prepare yourself for the exam, you should really do your research on the matter and gather as much information as you can from what the exam is going to cover, which exams will you need to take and determine what your typical to-do responsibilities are and how you can manage doing them while also incorporating time for studying. Most importantly, really dedicate yourself to study and to be dedicated on reaching your goal.