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The HDI SCA is a very prevalent certification among those in the information technology industry, and is one of the first certifications you should consider getting. In order to obtain the HDI SCA you must first understand the basic purpose that it servers is to teach you: incident management, critical thinking skills, effective communication strategy, improving customer interaction, as well as managing difficult customers. This is a very useful skillset to possess in any IT support job. Once, you understand what the HDI SCA is all about, the next step is to prepare to take the exam.

There are multiple methods you can choose from to prepare for the HDI SCA.  The internet has many different resources available to you, some for free and some not. Before you start taking practice exams it is wise to research the general content of the HDI SCA exam ( The first step in preparing yourself for the HDI SCA is to create a study plan. You want to take your time and create a realistic plan that you will stay committed to. I find it’s best to stretch studying out over the course of many weeks. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to studying for this exam. You can go the free route and try to find information on the internet or you can take lessons such as the ones that CBT Nuggets offers ( For you to maximize your chances of success it would be best to exercise as many options as possible until you feel comfortable with the content. Usually, I like to take a practice exam before I start studying to gage my current knowledge as well as see what the content is that I will need to study. HDI does actually sell practice exams (, however, there are free options available. I personally would avoid this extra cost and seek a free extensive study guide, practice exam, and/or video tutorials. If you have studied and still are not feeling too confident and really want to make sure that you have the content down, then I would recommend taking the official HDI practice exam. If you really feel like nothing is working for you or you have no prior knowledge at all, you may want to consider taking the HDI course (, although it is quite expensive, especially for a college student.

The HDI SCA course consists of 8 total units – Unit 1: Evolution of the Support Center; Unit 2: Strategic Framework; Unit 3: Service Delivery Methods and Technology; Unit 4: Support Center Processes and Operations; Unit 5: Call Handling Procedures; Unit 6: Communication Skills; Unit 7: Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting Skills; Unit 8: Maximizing Effectiveness. This course costs about $1500 and I would consider it to be a last resort.

Once you are confident in your abilities you may purchase the Certification exam from HDI; it costs $145.00 but you may receive a discount through school or promotions. A certification like this one is particularly useful because in addition to the knowledge that you will gain, it will help you get hired and make more money. I truly hope that you succeed and use some of these methods to further your knowledge and earn your HDI SCA certification.

Below I have a list of possible tasks to take up in your preparation:


No Sample List of tasks   Start Date End Date Effort (hrs) Cost
1 Research the exam content 10/1/2017 10/3/2017 6 to 12 $0 to $1495
2 Research resources provided by MATC/COMPTIA/online 10/4/2017 10/4/2017 1
3 Create a study plan 10/4/2017 10/10/2017 2
4 Execute Study plan 10/12/2017 11/1/2017 20
5 Take Practice Exam (Use MATC Practice exam resources) 10/30/2017 10/30/2017 1 0$ to $80
6 Pick a date to take your exams and buy voucher/bundle 11/1/2017 11/1/2017 0.1
7 Take the exam (if you pass, time well spent) 11/12/2017 11/12/2017 1.5 $145
8 Review anything that you missed on the exam 11/12/2017 11/20/2017 4
9 Re-take exam, if necessary 12/6/2017 12/6/2017 1.5 $100
10 Update LinkedIn with your new certification 12/6/2017 12/6/2017 0.1
11 Ask for promotion or apply for a job that offers higher pay 12/6/2017 2018