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Typical Interview/Application Questions:

1.      What are your past IT support experience?

Be sure to use examples that demonstrate your professional and customer service skills. If this is your first IT job and you do not have any past experience, you can use example of helping family members or friends troubleshoot their computer related problems.

2.      How do you find the syslog in the computer?

It is very possible that the interviewer would ask you some general IT questions that are related to the job. You do not have to know everything and it’s okay to say you are not sure, but you will research about it. It’s helpful to do a google search for some common technical questions asked in IT interviews. Information we learn in classes, such as Network+, A+, and Security+ do suffice the typical technical questions asked in entry level IT interviews.

3.      Why do you want to work for us?

This question exists in every job interview no matter the profession. Employers like to see if the interviewee is a good fit for the company and has the interviewee thought about if the company is a good fit for themselves.

You should do some research about the mission and culture of the company. Consider if you see yourself working happily in such a company. If you do think their mission/culture align with yours, you can formulate your answer with your belief.

4.      What is your goal in 5 years?

You should show you will for career progression and growth in 5 years. Some common answers are “My goal is to gain more experience with this support role and grow within the company”.

5.      What are your troubleshooting steps?

Your answer to this question shows if you have the right personality and thinking skills to be a successful IT support technician. Your troubleshooting steps should start with gathering information from the caller to narrow down the problem. Then you should use the predefined troubleshooting steps of the company (to keep configuration standardized). Document the steps performed and finally test/verify with the caller to see if the problem is resolved.


IT Support Skill Tests:

How is it different than personality test?

Personality tests are normally requested by companies hiring for customer service positions to narrow down qualified candidates. It typically includes a long list of questions and scenarios to probe for applicant’s personality.

On the other hand, IT support skill tests consist of technical knowledge the position would need to know to perform daily. It’s like a quiz in our Network+ class.

Some examples of IT support Skill Tests are:

  • How to lock/unlock a user in Active Directory?
  • How to set an AD account to be expired?
  • How to set a static IP address for a printer?
  • How to install driver for the new printer?
  • How to ping between two hosts on a network?
  • How to perform a tracert? What is it used for?
  • How to check for a computer’s uptime?
  • How do you get into the BIOS of a computer?
  • How to add a new user on exchange?

Some IT Skill Tests might also include customer service skill questions. It is best to do some research and think in the employers’ shoes. You can also think as a customer/caller, and what kind of help desk representative would give you the best experience.