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An email inbox can be a fur ball. More accurately, an entire email account can be chaotic. The fact that email isn’t going away anytime soon makes our email accounts that much more important. Apps and plugins can help tame the gnarly beast that is your Gmail account. Here is a list of seven things to add functionality and organization to your Gmail.


1. Todoist for Gmail

Cultivate tasks easily right from email messages or add them at will. There are a lot more features and tracking tools with this Gmail extension as well. Todoist will also sync across your different devices.

2. Boomerang



Schedule messages to return to your inbox in the future.

Send outgoing messages in the future.

Manage message scheduling in simple interface.

3. Streak

Manage contacts and keep track of your email relationships with Streak. The Pipeline feature is a cool project management tool.

4. BatchedInbox

Batchinbox isn’t free but if you work a lot with Gmail and are getting flooded with emails all day it may be worth it. Schedule times to receive emails in batches. This can give you time to work on clearing tasks or your inbox without a constant barrage of alerts.

5. Snapmail

Send sensitive emails with encryption using Snapmail. It’s a free extension for Gmail. It’s a nice lightweight extension. Hit the green Snapmail button, then track it with one of your tracking apps.

6. Gmelius

Gmelius isn’t just for the grumpy old paranoid uncle in the family. Sure you can jack up your privacy with tracker blocking, but there are other nice features like task integration and email organization.


This app is a warm cup of tea for your inbox. Sooth your mind by clearing out all those obnoxious subscription emails, because you know their unsubscribe service never ever works!