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There are many factors to consider when embarking on a project to deploy upgraded devices.  There are many steps involved in the procurement and deployment process. Securing corporate data on devices is also a consideration. This example project will deploy new devices to 57 employees as follows:

  • 30 employees in Milwaukee
  • 20 employees in Chicago
  • 5 employees in Indianapolis
  • 2 employees in St Louis (remote workers)




As part of the investigation process there are several questions that need to be answered:


  1. What is the configuration of the device? What is the price of the configuration you have selected?

We will be deploying iPhone 11 devices to all employees with 64GB of storage. These devices cost $699.00 per device for a total of $39,843 and will be purchased directly from the mobility carrier.  These will be shipped to the corporate HQ and secured before being reshipped in bulk to our Chicago and Indianapolis locations. The two St Louis employees will receive their devices at their home locations. The cost for the shipments in total will be just under $100.


  1. Are you planning to purchase cases for the devices? What are the associated costs?

We will purchase 57 Otterbox cases on Amazon for $39.95 for a total of $227.15. The cases will be shipped directly to identified employees.


  1. Are you planning to purchase a warranty for the devices? What are the associated costs?

Apple devices have a 1 year warranty. As such we will not purchase a warranty for the devices.


  1. What are the costs of provider cell services per device per month?

We will purchase an enterprise service for around $30 per device per month. $ 1710 per month


  1. Are you planning to purchase backup services to backup devices in the cloud?

We will use enterprise device management and back up and control devices using internal corporate servers.


  1. Can employees be using deviceonly or would then need to continue to use Laptops and iPads at the same time. What are the implications of this?

Employees will use hosted virtual desktop for enterprise work needs using BYOD or their mobile solutions.


  1. What are the applications installed for tablet devicesneedled for employees (assume MS Office 365, and 10 business applications)? Associated costs?

We will use Office 365 for applications. Employees will use a Yubikey for secure access to other corporate hosted applications. MS price is $149.99 per yearly license ($8549.43/year) and $3360 for 50 Yubikey 5Ci package and $490 for the additional devices.


  1. How would you the rollout of devices to users? How many people would you need to receive new devices in one day? Describe all preparation activities (could be as long as needed, leading to the one day upgrade of the computers – to avoid productivity issues in the office)

We would configure the devices in Milwaukee and ship to the other locations. A focal in Indiana and Ill would deploy to employees in those locations. The St Louis devices would be shipped directly. I would take approximately 1 hour per device to configure using scripts via active directory. It will take 3 days to ship the devices to other locations.

  1. Would people need to print from the device? Research printing options from devices – do you need to plan to purchase a new printer

Employees can print from iOS devices using Bluetooth connected printing available on existing printers or via the corporate print queue.

  1. Email configuration on tablet devices: MS Exchange vs Gmail accounts (document pros and cons)

Employees will be using MS Exchange so we can control corporate email and retention policies. This will be deployed via a push to the device. Gmail is cheaper but doesn’t allow the same level of security and policy settings.

  1. Select tool for remote device management? What are the tools available for remote management of the devices as System Administrator (i.e. Cisco Merachi). Which ones are you planning to use?

We will continue to use Mobile Iron for remote device management.

  1. Do you need to train users on how to use devices?

No need to train users.

  1. Do you need to train support center on how to support users, using devices?

Our support center is already trained to support devices.

  1. How would you be supporting users: users are located in Milwaukee, Chicago, St Lois and Indianapolis. How many people would you need to complete the deployment on your project team? What would be roles of the resources? We will use the existing support team of 10 people to work BAU work and deploy project devices. The 10 support employees will continue to provide remote support.





Support Center employees will gather needed tools for imaging devices and remote management. They will receive the shipments and inventory when received.

Additional areas to consider:

  • Current Network Capacity
  • Current Wi-Fi configurations
  • Existing device configurations and data/cloning new devices
  • iTunes accounts and support
  • Installing and Deploying Mobile Iron
  • Implementing Yubikey
  • Can we get a corporate device discount? Service discount? Should we ask carriers for an RFP?



Support employees will need to image the devices and assure secure measures are employed.

  • Configure all devices with needed software packages
  • Configure Mobile Iron
  • Manage and gain dashboard data from devices (ie find my phone tracking)
  • Manage shipping and distribution




  • Ship and Track devices thru receipt
  • Assure all employees have Apple ID and account
  • Assure Corporate back-ups are scheduled


Manage and Secure

  • Administer Devices
  • Track Devices
  • Wipe Devices Remotely
  • Update Devices with release schedules
  • Manage plan and data
  • Fix and repair devices


Total one-time costs: $44,020.15

Total reoccurring costs:

  • Monthly Service: $20,520 per year
  • MS Office 365 $8549.43 per year
  • 10 support employees (fractional support for this effort = 1 FTE per year) = $62, 400 Loaded Labor Rate


Total Expenditure in 2020= $135,489.58