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There should never be a day in your life where you feel improvement is unnecessary.  The day one becomes complacent is the day one stops the journey towards greatness.  That being said, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to comprehend what facets of life we need improvement in.  That will vary indefinitely, person to person.  That is something you as an individual will have to come to grips with.  On the contrary, there are ways to improve your mental/physical health in the general scheme of things:



Time Management

Over the past few years I’ve slowly started to realize how vital managing time is.  Deadlines are more prominent than ever in my life recently, and it seems like I never have enough time to accomplish all that needs to be done.  Feeling overwhelmed is a far too common occurrence these days, and it could’ve all been alleviated with a little bit of time management.


This one is difficult.  Finding balance between all of life’s responsibilities is a daunting task to say the very least.  I consistently find myself desperately trying to balance friendships, relationships, two part-time jobs and a full-time student workload.  This takes time and personal experience to achieve.  If there’s one thing I could recommend, it would simply be; prioritize.  It is very difficult to do when the less important stuff is significantly more fun, but trust me, in the long run you’ll thank yourself.

Keep A Consistent Schedule

Keeping a schedule throughout the week facilitates many positive things in life.  I find getting up early, even when it’s not required, makes the day seem well spent.  Sporadic schedules can drastically affect ones emotional well being, and can cause a lack of motivation.  Consistency is key.


Exercising is one of the best organic forms of stress alleviation.  Not only will exercising improve your physical health, but your mental as well.  Keeping a regimen is a lot easier when you have consistency in your schedule.  Leaving the gym, you feel accomplished and clear minded.  You can never have enough Endorphins in your life.

Learn To Deal With Negativity

You’re probably thinking, “No ****”.  But in reality, this is easily inadvertently overlooked.  Negative thoughts plague the minds of everyone on a daily basis, it’s just a matter of how those people handle them.  I can personally attest that there are days where I don’t even want to try to “deal” with them.  I’d rather just let nature takes its course and mope around.  It’s no easy task dealing with debilitating thoughts, but once you find a way to look at them objectively, it makes it a lot less of a hindrance to everyday life.

Take A Break

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and embrace life as it is.  Now’s a perfect time to do that I suppose.  I’ll be back in 10.

Set Goals

Having something to continually strive for is principal in self-improvement.  Set reasonable, attainable goals for yourself and provide a time frame in which you hope to achieve them.  The gratifying feeling of doing so will invoke the need for more success.  Believe it or not, success is a good thing.


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Ernest Hemingway