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Sharing files with Dropbox
A quick and easy way to share files using the Cloud is to use Dropbox. Once installed, it is easy to use. Drag and drop files and share with whoever you would like. This can include linking to Text, Email, and Social Media. I will walk you through installing, running, and sharing a file with this how-to guide.

Install Dropbox
The first step is to install Dropbox on your computer. This is easily done by going to, and clicking on “Download”

After downloading the Dropbox program, it should show up in your bottom tray. When you open the program, it will give you the option to open your files, which will look something like this.

This will be the location to put your shared files in. To select a file to put in the Dropbox, simply right click on that file, and choose “add to Dropbox”, as I am doing in this example.

From this point, clicking on the file will allow you to share it with a group, social media, or individual people. In this example, I will share this photo with my Student account, via Email.
I have clicked on the file that I wish to share. Click on the Share tab to open up your options for sharing. I am going to choose Specific people.

After typing in my School Email address, I will log on to that Email to see what happened.

You can also use Dropbox to share files on most Social Media platforms. Adding Dropbox to Microsoft Office is an option to make sharing files easier.