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10 Tips to becoming a better presenter

  • Focus on the audience – Your presentation is not about you, it is about your audience. What benefit the audience will be getting by listening to you? What do you want them to Think, Feel and Do? Be clear with your objectives.
  • Delete all excess text from your slides – Use powerful images and pictures much more effective.
  • Keep it simple – Less is more. Present what really matters and need. Simple wording and make contend simple and easy to understand.
  • Rehearse – Stand up and rehearse. Prepare yourself.
  • Make friends with people – Ask them to help and advice. Be polite.
  • Dress to impress – Be smart and dress properly.
  • Make friends with yourself and be comfortable – Unique and be yourself.
  • Stand Still – Stand up and better posture. Don’t weave and prowl.
  • Tell a story – Engage with conversation with audience that relates to your own.
  • Be enthusiast – Get passionate, excited and enthusiastic.

7 Quick Tips for Improved Presenting

  • What are you trying to achieve – Purpose of your presentation.
  • Know your audience – It is about them not you. What they are going to get from you? Who is your audience?
  • Content and Delivery – What you are going to say and how you are going to say it? What will resonate to the audience? Helpful facts and information. A picture means a thousand words.
  • Preparation – Prepare for delivery. Practice your presentation with trusted one. Key point getting across. Engage with audience.
  • Opening – Warm up and prepare your opening statement. Comfortable stance. Smile projects optimism. Do some icebreakers. Speak slowly and remember to pause. Don’t forget to breathe and relax.
  • Watch and Adjust – Keep an eye on the audience. Adjust yourself to how the audience reacts. Ask questions and start discussions.
  • Closing – Conclude with your summary key points, goals and actions.


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CompTIA Seven Quick Tips for Improved Presenting