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Repair is essential to properly utilizing all resources. When companies start creating products that are difficult to repair it creates a stranglehold on the consumer. Every product that is intended to be repairable should be easily modified and streamlined. It’s frustrating when corporations start voiding warranties when products are altered. For example, if you break the seal of an Xbox 360, the warranty is void and can no longer be sent in for reparations. This is incredibly unfair considering the product belongs to you and you should have all rights to openly changing the components. These type of tactics prevent innovation and creation overall. There are also cases where corporations prevent repairs altogether. These mob like tactics are unethical and incredibly vain. Companies such as Nikon and Toshiba use copyright infringement in court to prevent their consumers from personally modifying and repairing their products. This basically forces consumers to go directly through their repair centers, or to buy a completely new product. It’s evident that companies need to keep in the green but when it comes to completely manipulating a market and inhibiting the freedom of consumers, it becomes problematic. Now the question is raised, why? It seems that some of the larger corporations prefer to have all facets of their products on lock down. This varies from production, distribution, maintenance and repair. If any of these things are outsourced where it can’t be controlled, it raises a lot of issues internally. The best way these companies avoid these things is to make sure anything and everything regarding their product will be done by them. I personally find this to be offensive, and you should too.

Having the ability to fix your own products makes you an incredibly self sufficient and independent individual. This pertains to everything that is repairable such as cars, computers, cameras or even household appliances. This will save you loads of money in the long run and will never hinder your production. For example, if your vehicle is malfunctioning and you bring it into a garage, you may have to wait a few days for it to be in working order again. On top of that, you will be paying upwards of $50.00 and hour. If you’re self sufficient enough that time/price could be a fraction in comparison to the professional counterpart route. It’s also very environmentally responsible, considering it keeps products in rotation for a lot longer period of time. It creates a longer lifetime of all products, and that’s what is detrimental to many corporate business models. Overall, it’s pretty obvious that the ability to repair things is extremely vital to all walks of life. Anyone who disagrees with that must not like being self-reliant. That is one of the main reasons I’m taking this Mobile Device and Repair class, to learn skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Cell phones are a necessity nowadays for everyone who wants to be successful. There is no avoiding problems with these devices regardless of how you take care of them, and that’s why I know this class will be very useful now and in the distant future.