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There are many types of repairable devices but I’m speaking specifically about mobile devices in particular. Devices such as IPhone, IPad, iPod, Tablets, Black Berry, Samsung Galaxy phones, LG phones, Apple Watch, and the Samsung Watch (or android watches). All the devices listed are repairable as they should be, it just wouldn’t be fair if they weren’t repairable. So far I’ve assembled and disassembled an iPhone 4, black berry, IPod, and a LG touch screen. I was able to do so using a repair tool kit purchased from IFIXIT and watching “How-To” YouTube videos. The toolkit is called Pro Tech Toolkit, it’s not only for mobile repair use you can also this toolkit for fixing your computer, and small appliances.

I bet you’re saying to yourself you wouldn’t need these tools due to your very careful with your phone or only the manufacturer or Cellphone Company would be able to fix your broken phone. There are many reasons your phone would need to be repaired you could have a cracked screen, bad charging port, broken camera lens, or a dead circuit board. Sometimes getting your device repaired by your phone company or a repair shop can be costly. Why not save money and fix it yourself.

There are many tools you can use to fix your device, Search google for the following tools to get an idea of what they do:

  • Pro Tech Toolkit or Repair business toolkit
  • Heat gun
  • Smartphone repair kit
  • Soldering workstation
  • Dust blower
  • SIM Eject tool
  • I opener
  • Magnetizer\Demagnetizer
  • Inspection mirror
  • Pro Tech toolkit Expansion 1

Repairable guides are also used as tools because they help guide you when you’re not sure of the next step when repairing a device. Search YouTube as well for each tool for a HOW-TO video to have a better visual. Also you can find Repairable guides on IFIXIT or just simply searching the web.

If your unable to find a guide when searching the web and you still want to go ahead with disassembly and assembly a device you can create your own guide step by step. You can put your step by step guide on IFIXIT once you have verified the device is working. Record your step by step guide and upload your video on IFIXIT and YouTube to help others or yourself in the future.

The IFIXIT Pro Tech Toolkit is my main featured toolkit


I’ve personally used this toolkit myself in class I’ve disassembled and assembled three apple products, and a LG product. The Pro Tech toolkit includes the following tools:

  • 54 Bit Driver Kit

o   Pentalobe (Used for apple products)

o   Flathead

o   Phillips

o   Hex

o   Torx

o   Torx Security

o   Nut Driver

o   JIS

o   Square

o   Triangle

o   Tri – wing

o   SIM Eject Bit

o   Magnet

The 54 Bit Driver Kit is the basic toolkit needed to start the process of opening the phone that’s being repaired. So far Torx bit has been the most useful when disassembling and reassembling both android and apple products. The SIM eject bit is also very useful when working with apple products that have SIM cards such as IPhones and IPads. The magnet tool comes in handy with very small screws that won’t release after it has been loosen, the magnet applies the force you can’t use with your hands. The Torx bit hasn’t been the only bit I’ve used with apple products, the Hex bit has been very useful with the apple products as well. The Hex screw was used only when removing the screws along the sides of the charging port. Purchasing the full 54 bit kit is needed because not all screws are the same.


  • 4 Plastic Opening Tools

The four plastic opening tools are called spudgers they are also very needed when disassembling a portable device. The spudger helps pry open the portable device, lift circuit board, or any uneasy parts that require little excessive force. Using metal to metal sometimes causes damage to the product these plastic spudgers prevents that damage.

  • Precision Tweezer Set

The tweezers can be used for tight spaces. Such as small ribbons that are under metal latches that hold the small ribbon or small wire in place and out of the way of the other parts. You can use these tweezers to unlatch a ribbon that’s out of your hands reach.

  • Tech Knife

I’ve used the tech knife only when I disassemble the black berry and the IPhone 4. I used it as another opening tool due to the plastic opening tool not having as much force as the tech knife.

  • Anti- static wrist Strap

The anti-static wrist strap is used to protect any sensitive components from ESD. I have yet to use it when assembling and disassembling portable devices only because I am not repairing the devices and the devices are already broken. I have used it on many occasions when fixing desktops and laptops. But on a safety note I would definitely keep this strap handy when fixing any electronic for safety reasons.

  • Metal Spudger set

The metal spudger set is equivalent to the plastic spudger set. You should only use these when you need a more aggressive force than the plastic spudgers that’s when the metal spudgers becomes handy or the tech knife. Each spudger has a different end point flat, sharp, and pointy. Each metal spudger has two different ends for different ways of repairing phones or electronic devices.

  • 6 – inch metal ruler

The ruler is also a very much needed tool but I have yet to use it during my experience of assembling and disassembling portable devices. Remember this tool can be used to repair other devices as well. The repair of portable devices I’ve used may not require this tool but this toolkit is used to repair other electronics such as computers and small appliances.

  • Suction cup

The suction cup is primarily used to remove the glass panel so far I’ve used the suction cup on the IPod 3G and the IPhone 4. I haven’t used this tool on any other device other than the two apple products.

  • Canvas Tool Roll

The canvas roll is used to store your tools listed above


This canvas roll is very handy as you can see it’s very easy to carry around. To the right of the canvas roll is where your metal spudgers, ruler, and tech knife is stored. The center is where your 54 bit driver toolkit is placed, the black strap holds your 54 bit driver toolkit in place. The strap helps prevent your toolkit from slipping out of your canvas basically just a placement strap. To your left of the canvas roll you have your plastic spudgers and your plastic tweezers. As explained above you will use these tools for tight spaces. You will also use the tweezers for removing small wires and ribbons.

Your bottom left compartment is for your suction cup which is used for removing the device screen from the base of the device. Instead of using the spudger to pry the screen out you can go the safe way and use the suction cup to wiggle the screen out of a tight space. The Anti- static wrist strap is also placed in this compartment.


The Pro Tech toolkit is very handy and easy to transport. It’s also very inexpensive I brought my toolkit for 65 dollars on amazon. On EBay it’s about 12 dollars higher so I would shop around before purchasing this toolkit. The toolkit has all the tools you may need to fix most of the problems people will run into. So with that being said you can earn this money back by fixing a friend or a coworker’s device. You can purchase most of these tools on IFIXIT, Amazon, EBAY, Walmart, and BestBuy sold separately. Because these tools are sold separately you purchase these tools two or more at a time or as needed. With these tools you can fix your own device when device is not operating properly. You can cut out the price of labor by fixing it yourself.

Budget estimation for the tools listed and other tools can range from 10 dollars up to 600 dollars or more. When running a mobile device small business your budget will depend on what kind of devices you will want to repair. Your budget may increase or decrease due to prices varying on what tools you will need to repair those devices. Maybe you want to fix all android devices or all apple products or a mixture of both. Your prices will vary meaning your budget will vary.

Once you’re in the groove of things and when you’re more comfortable fixing portable devices you can generate a small mobile repair business and make a very decent profit. In class my teacher showed us a very good tool you could use when running a small business which is an online point of sale system for small business owners. You can check it out at You can create a free account with a free system. For free you can create up to 25 tickets a month, you get 1 user account, Outbound emails, Field jobs, Reports, Estimates, Inventory, Parts Order, and a Customer portal. This is a very great tool to have, once your business starts to increase you can purchase more features such as Cash Registers, Point of Sale and Payments plus more. Here’s a picture of the plans with extra great features.


Before starting my job and my mobile repair class I hadn’t thought about joining the mobile support career or adding it to one of my skills until now. I’m still at the beginning stages of repair far as hardware but mobile software I’m a bit more experienced in the software area. Even if you don’t want to make it a career add it to your resume as a skill because mobile support is a part of the IT world now due to all the increased technologies of mobile devices. I’ve added mobile support to my resume I feel very comfortable in the mobile support area I’m not saying I’m an expert. But I know my way around the mobile platform and work with mobile devices all the time.