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Uses for an Old Laptop
Do you have a laptop that is a bit on the old and slow side? It was once a star, but age is brutal to us all, and now it just sits in your basement, eating your food & watching cartoons all day, dreaming of the glory days. It is pretty much just taking up space at this point. Put your foot down & let your old laptop know that it has to get a new job in the next Month, or it is going to the computer recycling center. If it refuses to look for something on its own, here are some ideas.

Fix it up-
Does the old boy have the “bones” to put time and money into some upgrades? Maybe you have a child that is entering High School or College and will need a laptop that doesn’t need to be state of the art. Invest in some extra ram memory, a better hard drive, etc… Boom… Instant new laptop.
Do your homework first. In our world, a new laptop computer is probably about the same price, or even less than upgrading an old laptop.

Make it a Server-
If it is still in fairly good shape, but too slow for what you need, you can make it a home server. You can connect your printers to your old laptop and set up a network to your new one. You can have a central hub for your devices, print from any networked printer, do file sharing and do back-ups.
You can purchase software, such as Windows Home Server, but that is going to cost you over $100. Another idea is using an open sourced program called FreeNAS. It involves a little bit more skill, but also allows you to try it out without making any changes to your current operating system.

Donate It-
If everything works okay on the machine, but it is just a little slow, think about donating it to a School, Daycare, Youth Group, or another Non-Profit group that could have a use for it. Make sure everything is working, and don’t forget to wipe all of your data so the new owners can start off fresh.
If your laptop is working “less-than-okay”, you could think about donating it to a Trade School, or something along those lines. This could help out by giving them something to practice “hands-on” repair and upgrading. Both of these options could be Tax Deductible.