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Week 4 IT Support Independent Project 2/11/2020 : How to filter event viewer logs in Windows 10 to find events you are looking for?

There are several actions possible with an active Event Log , using Filter Current Log to search for a particular event or group of events . The Pop Up window as seen below has specific criteria in which you can type in information.

In the Filter Panel select Logged Time then choose your Event Level. Underneath Event Sources choose a range of Event ID’s , entering ranges separated by commas or choose All Event ID’s . Located underneath this is Keywords used then Users (<All Users>) , computers (<All Computers>) .

You can specify a filter that limits the type of information you want Event Viewer to show you . Lastly Filters can only affect which Event Log Items are shown in the viewer .  To filter Events 1.) Click Start , point to Programs, then Administrative finally clicking Event Viewer. 2.) In your Console Tree right click your Log File then choose Properties. 3.) Click Filter tab then type in chosen information you would like to filter. 4.) Click OK

Rather than going through ten million folders of Custom Event logs in an attempt to find everything your looking for , you could create a Custom View that acts like a filter displaying just the events you would like to see, (Like Critical  error and Warning) then pick specific Event Logs you want this to look at . This however will not work if you select too many so use restraint when choosing. A basic knowledge of this troubleshooting option can only strengthen your troubleshooting skills as a technician .