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Have you ever wondered how to deliver your message is fascinating way? Making your delivery stunning will make your message to be better accepted by your audience, will make you look professional and will give you opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

There is a stereotype about presentation as one person delivering a lecture to the large group of people. Reality of today’s business is very different.

  • Most of the business presentations are done either 1-1 or to the small group of decision makers
  • Due to high travel costs most of the presentations are done using conference calls and screen sharing software

Some of the advice I was getting, when searching for answers on how to improve my presentation skills was not relevant to presentation delivery channels I was using. In today’s world people work remote and get connected through technology. Some of the advice that was good for presentations done in person for large audiences . But presenting on stage is just one of the channels where you communicate your message, since lot of time you work with people you never see (i.e. offshore teams) and you are being asked to deliver a presentation to reach everyone

There are multiple channels I use to deliver my message:

  • Presenting to the large audience in the lecture hall
  • Presenting 1-1 to decision maker
  • Presenting in the conference room to small group of people
  • Presenting on the phone with screen sharing
  • Presenting to the people I never met on the phone (i.e. offshore team, global projects etc)

There are so many needs in the life of business professionals to create presentations: you need to do it for investors, potential clients, and business partners and more. Every time you are trying to communicate something or sell the idea you need to share a message with your target audience. You also need to create presentations for your social media pages, website, and other aesthetics and clarity matter a lot when you are discussing your brand. Sometimes you need to share your message using pure technology and you have no way of knowing who would be on the receiving end:

  • Oftentimes people just ask you to send slides that could be just sent via email, since they can’t meet with you
  • You need to prepare and post your message on Social media or Web Site
  • You need to prepare a video and you may never see your target audience


How can you deliver successful presentation regardless of the different presentation channels that you use? What are the key components of successful presentation? What are tips and techniques you should use when preparing and when presenting? How to best present facts to your clients and make them interested in your message?

Make sure to checkout below video tutorials to get started: