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HDI DST (HDI Deskside Support Technician)


The HDI Deskside Support Technician certification will enable you to provide quality IT deskside service and support to end users by demonstrating your knowledge of customer service and service management process. A desktop support technician provides technical support services at a face-to-face level with the customers. With the HDI Deskside Support Technician certification, you will develop interpersonal skills that improve the customer’s experience. You will also be able to demonstrate knowledge of service level agreements, root cause analysis, and an overview of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) processes.

In order to receive the HDI Deskside Support Technician certification, you will need to pass the following exam:

HDI Deskside Support Technician Certification (HDI-DST)


Jobs that use HDI Deskside Support Technician

  • Deskside support technician
  • IT support technician
  • IT coordinator


For more information about HDI certifications, visit the HDI website.