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Technology is a fast growing industry and devices are not always bullet proof. To combat this issue, you need to become a properly trained device repair technician. In order to keep up with technology, you should be able use and troubleshoot devices. When working in the Information Technology (IT) field you need to learn how to diagnose and repair computers, but why not go further and learn how to repair mobile devices. Adding mobile device repair to your resume will open up more job possibilities, making you more marketable. According to Simply Hired, “The average cell phone repair technician makes $35,000 a year,” (Simplyhired, Inc, 2016). After you have become comfortable working with mobile devices, you could even open up your own business. After all, “as many as a quarter of IPhones have a broken screen,” according to a poll done by CNET, (Trenholm, 2013). That could be easy money for you or your business. Also, if you have devices that need repair, you could save yourself money.

Working as a mobile device technician does not mean you are only limited to working on cell phones. Many mobile device technicians learn how to repair; laptops, IPads, IPods and other tablets. The repairs you might encounter could include; replacing or fixing damaged screens, replacing LCDs, fixing broken head phone jacks, replacing cameras, replacing batteries, fixing buttons, diagnosing software issues and network issues. Some of the skills you should have are; problem solving, good communication, being a team player, self-motivation, soldering, understanding how Radio Frequency (RF) signals work, knowledge of circuit board architecture and knowing about the different types of networks. Another important skill you need is listening. Listening to a customer’s complaints will help you diagnose the issue faster. Also, it is important to have a good set of device repair tools. The typical tools for a device repair technician include; screwdrivers, bit drivers, case prying tools, soldering iron, heat gun, tweezers, voltmeter, antistatic wrist strap and suction cup. Working with devices can be challenging. Working with small pieces and parts and putting them all back together is similar to working on a puzzle. Working with devices is a good learning experience and can be fun.

There are many ways to learn about mobile device repair. Some individuals may take classes at a college campus, others might learn online. Having an IT degree and mobile device repair knowledge makes you a well-rounded individual. Not only will having this knowledge make you good asset to the company you work for, you will have a broader job outlook and the potential for a higher income. Many companies are now using mobile phones and tablets as technology is evolving. So in this day and age, it is helpful to learn how to repair all devices. Many companies are looking for IT technicians that are able to repair mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Being able to repair all types of devices will not only save the company you work for money, it can also save you money.


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