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Designed to be repairable
Every product should be designed to be repairable, every product has a price that comes with it. So when purchasing a product whether it’s on sale or full price one day the product malfunctions. You can’t take the product to get repaired due to the manufacturers not allowing you and or any independent repair companies to fix their product. What’s next? You will have to purchase the product again for a second time right? For example you buy a 80 inch TV for 3200 you’ve had it for a year the warranty has expired something simple as your backlight on the TV malfunctioned would you want to purchase another one for 3200 when a repair company can fix it for less. Who has money to waste I sure don’t.
I have a problem with getting attached to anything I purchase whether it’s a shirt, a game system, or anything I’ve purchased. If my product is broken I try fixing it not only because it’s cheaper which is not always the case but due to the fact I’ve already gotten attached to it. I also don’t want to purchase this product twice I feel as if I’m wasting my money.
Having products that are designed to be repairable generates money for everybody. No one will buy something that’s not repairable unless their rich in my opinion. If you’re a salesmen or saleswomen you have to sell someone a TV and you tell that customer if you buy this product and it breaks when not under warranty it’s not repairable. I believe that customer or any customer unless their rich will not purchase that product. That will then decrease the sales for the owner of the product and also the supplier such as Walmart, target, best buy etc.…
With independent repair shops jobs are created, money is generated and saved for both supplier and buyer. Products being repairable helps your buyer save money and also make them want to purchase more of your products in the future. The buyer will then spread the word of how to repair your product which is good nobody wants to have to throw their purchased product away after they’ve paid their hard earned money.
So yes again I think all products should be repairable this makes everyone happy. Like for example being able to repair a mobile or portable device such as IPhone, IPad, android, or tablet helps save a lot of time and money. Also this skill is very exciting and important to people in the IT field. Almost everyone in the IT field has a mobile device and not only do we have problems with our phone almost everyone does. Adding this skill to our resume is very important due to mobile phones are becoming more and more like computers. The only difference is they are much smaller than a desktop or laptop. The parts are very small but it helps us as technicians to be very careful when servicing a product. Repairable equals greatness.