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Windows 10 continues to gain more features with updates that thankfully have some substance it would appear. There quite a few updates that are streamlining many processes for IT Professionals as well as ensuring that Windows 10 is a more secure browser.

Security is a vital feature of any OS and Update 1803 certainly ensures that improvements continue to be made. With 1803, S mode will now be possible on the Enterprise edition of Windows 10. S mode is a mode that is noted for it being streamlined, with better security and better speed. S mode for example boots up 15 seconds faster than standard Windows 10. In addition, S mode only allows apps from the Microsoft Store to be added, reducing the risk of infection to a PC, in addition S mode only allows Edge to be used as the web browser until other browsers are available in the Windows Store. Update 1803 now allows for S mode to be available on Enterprise editions of Windows 10, through activating Pro in S mode first and then upgrading to Enterprise edition.

Continuing with security, Windows Defender now shares information with Microsoft 365 services and allows both to communicate with each other about threat detection. Windows Defender Exploit Guard is now also extended to support Microsoft Office software. There is also additional for those using virtualization to now include VBS and HVCI to be possible now truly on Windows 10. For those who don’t like that their PC is sending diagnostic data to Windows can now delete such data.

Protection of the user and enterprise is one the pillars of this update. Conditional Access will now ensure that any device will be assessed for it’s risk level and access to resources will be based on that result. This is a big plus for protection of enterprises and making sure that users are using secure devices that won’t post a risk to the entire organization.

Another plus for organizations is the introduction of the Kiosk Browser that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. This can allow for retail establishments and other places utilizing digital signage and public kiosks for various reasons. This allows for a more streamlined assurance that public kiosks will restart in a way that doesn’t compromise network security, it’s in the same state as when the store opened in the morning, so to speak. If there is an issue, there is now improved troubleshooting by means of generating error reports if app that is being used on the kiosks is not working correctly.

With Windows Setup, now along with Setup, one can now create their own custom actions that can be run while Windows Setup is running at the same time. Another bonus is that Windows Setup will migrate any customs scripts and actions to the next feature release, further streamlining the setup and update process.

A new command-line tool that can help figure out what went wrong with a Windows 10 update will also now be available with Update 1803. SetupDiag is a new tool that functions by searching Windows Setup log files, while it is doing this it’s using a set of rules to see if a known problem is present. Going forward, this tool will be updated to include new situations in which solutions are found, which is very dynamic in my opinion.

Specifically handy for business and organizations in general is “Windows Update for Business” also known by (WUfB) is a much improved way for organizations to manage specific Windows Updates within all PC’s that are supported. It allows for updates to be delayed and also allows for IT departments to rollout updates on a mass-controlled basis. This has the possibility to save many organizations both time and resources. In addition, with this release, the OS uninstall period can be customized. This is used typically for rolling back updates that may not be working on a PC as well as they should.

All in all, Update 1803 looks to be a good move forward in terms of features that will be good both IT professionals and for end users. Security is not skimped on which is always a big plus in the world today where threats can change from one month to the next. Protecting our organizations assets are a extremely high priority and it is great that S mode can now be accessible on Windows 10 Enterprise. The customization and streamlining of rolling out Windows updates is also going to be a massive help for many people who would now be able to devote time and energies to other tasks which as we all know, there is not a shortage of. This update looks to be a win in my very humble opinion.