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Windows 10 offers a great variety to its users and features tools to assist those in computer work easier and more effectively. Many college students at MATC and businesses in general can utilize this to its full extent, with its wide array of programs and shortcuts to navigate Windows quicker than its previous versions. The new Windows 10 updates further this and make Windows 10 the most efficient OS to use, optimizing features and providing new ones for a better experience.

Windows offers easy access between Android and iPhone smart phones and your computer. You can drag and drop photos from phone to PC or have a seamless internet session open and transfer over to your computer by sending the webpage to your PC. With this, it will make internet viewing more efficient to trade to a larger view, and allows a better way to edit photos, as a wired connection is no longer required to transfer photos to your PC through importing.

IOS and Android also now feature Edge, which is another product of Microsoft.

Windows 10 updates now features new security measures. Windows Antivirus has better detection, Windows Defender reaches out to more programs, and detects ransom ware more efficiently. For businesses or research on risky sites or for general risky computer usage, this will help retain the resiliency of your PC to defend against virus threats, including other possible malicious intent to your PC.

Windows 10 in general is an effective OS for many practical uses. Between security and phone connection there are a lot of practical uses for the OS that helps distinguish it as a viable tool for school and business work.