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Windows 10 Version 1809 Features and uses.  


Windows Security 

Updates to the Current threats section in the Virus and Threat Protection settings have been put in place. Makes it easier to keep a tab on anything on your computer that might be causing issues or be a security liability. It does this using a quick scan or you can choose a more thorough process. It also gives increased control over files so that malware does not corrupt important data. Windows can block apps known to have malware, but if you have a 3rd party App that you need to get through, you can manual allow it through controlled access. 

A Performance and Health scan will now let you know if your time and date settings are not synced and present you with options.  

Easily see all the security software on your device by going to settings/ Security Providers. 



Can now be accessed on devices that don’t pass the Hardware Security Test Interface, or you can disable this function. You can also now choose your own encryptions for BitLocker devices instead of using the automatic one.  


Windows Defender Application 

Standalone users can now install and change WDAG settings without changing Registry Keys. And Enterprise users can now see the settings that admins have put in place.  

Windows Defender Firewall now supports Windows Subsystem for Linux processes.  

Make your own rules for a WSL process same as you would normally and it supports notifications having to do with the process and will prompt you for access permissions. 

Microsoft Edge now has new Group settings that can be configured: Allow Full screen, Allow Edge to launch at startup, Allow Edge to load a new Tab at startup, allow printing, saving history, configure favorites bar, configure kiosk mode, Configure Open Microsoft Edge With, Prevent users from turning on browser syncing, Set Home Button URL, Set New Tab page URL, Unlock Home Button.  

Kiosk Mode simplified; a wizard now runs you through all the options you will need.  

Your Phone App can now be used on Android phones to allow access to your photos on your PC.  

All of these changes are quality of life fixes that Microsoft uses to keep Windows competitive with other Operating Systems. Making it easier for Administrators to organize group policies and for individual power users to utilize windows to their need.  

Something geared more for gaming introduced in 1809 is being able to use DirectX 12 and Ray Tracing used by Nvidia RTX 20 series. Simply run a game that has the feature and enable it in the settings. This new technology allows for immersive game-play by having reflections and light effects in game look more realistic and precise using ray logic. While your game might take a dump in Frames per Second, the graphics can be stunning. Ray Tracing was also made available to non-RTX cards, but they do not handle it very well. Games are limited as well. Battlefield V being my personal favorite to use it in. It is quite the experience in solo play, but I turn it off while playing online.  

Note: Information on this page is referenced from the Microsoft Website