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What’s new in Windows 10?

Kevin Blazei


Windows 10, update version 1909 provides a few new updates that keep your Windows computer secure, easy to use, and up to date. A few of the new updated security improvements include key-rolling and key-rotation. These help both recover a lost password easier, as well as making it harder for outsiders to unlock a password. Since virtualization is becoming a widely used technology, update 1909 now includes more flexible use of containers.

Also, Windows Sandbox is now available. This allows a user to download new things without having to worry about whether it will negatively affect their computer or files. One major thing that is included in this update is Windows virtual desktop. This feature streamlines virtualization and moves many things into the cloud. Now users anywhere in the world can deploy and access any information such as Office 365, support on the remote desktop services, and Azure.

Desktop Analytics plays a large part in the data gathering aspects of many companies., In update 1909, Windows provides an even more in depth and detailed compilation of information. Inside configuration manager, users are able to identify any issues with application compatibility, find any data on issues with the environment, allowing a company to be more successful.

Update 1909 sends updates to the drivers and CPU as well. Per the Microsoft website, an improvement of 15% on the CPU is the result of this update.